jQuery Mobile 1.5.0-alpha1 Changelog

link General

  • Removed jquery.mobile prefix from filenames (#6465, 18f872d)
  • Updated boilerplate and UMD wrapper on all files (#7973, 62a1e78)

link Core

  • Removed UI core and references to it (#8490, 5a84fb0)
  • Removed links.js and nojs.js files (#8491, 4b3adc7#8194, 5d64d59)
  • Removed fieldcontain.js from index.php it no longer exists (8d589a2)
  • Fixed silentScroll to be called only once (#8200, 7984db3)
  • Removed global class variables (#6300, 48e895e)
  • Removed subPageUrlKey (#6299, [098489e]#6614, 098489e)
  • Removed minScrollBack there should not be a min height (#6302, 1b2746f)
  • Removed code supporting IE8 from degradeInputs (5d5bcf1)
  • Fixed resetActivePageHeight() to account for fixed toolbars (#7739, 2060bca)
  • Removed deprecated $.mobile.getScreenHeight (#6306, fee3bab)
  • Fixed page load to Prevent silentScroll if user has already scrolled (#3958, 0996492)
  • Removed $.mobile.getDocumentUrl and $.mobile.getDocumentBase (#6507, 936dd4b)
  • Updated default data attribute namespace to be "ui-" (024460a)
  • Fixed window scroll event not firing after navigation (#8250)
  • Added a 'flag for deprecated code' global option allowing for easier upgrade (#6846)
  • Deprecated ability to set a custom data- namespace (#6695)
  • Removed buttonMarkup (#6568)

link Animation Complete

  • Fixed context for timeout no support situations (#7916, 1d6b533)
  • Fixed to remove only the handler attached by the original call (#7265, 8a7451b)
  • Added removeAnimationComplete function (#7935, 7332b3f)

link Enhancer

  • Added ability to instantiate multiple widgets per element (bc68371)
  • Updated to install when $.Widget is created (47e6209)
  • Added new stand alone enhancer module (2f9d8f2)
  • Deprecated all initSelectors that are not "[data-ui-role='widgetname']"

link Events

  • Fixed inconsistent vclick behavior with Mobile VoiceOver enabled (#8271, e40de81)
  • Fixed unbinding scroll events (#8250, c0bba0d)
  • Fixed clearing of tap when taphold occurs (#6692, 7581628)
  • Updated to separate out scroll and make transitions depend on scroll alone (#7805, 31cc90d)
  • Fixed a problem that touchend events were stopped (#7494, f95bec6)
  • Fixed pixel density on android swipe event (c299573)
  • Fixed processing of move if its default is prevented (#7573, 0920b15)
  • Fixed teardown of swiperight when tearing down swipeleft and vice versa (#7351, 0eba6e4)
  • Fixed taphold to not fire on "swipe"
  • Fixed to ensure all generated events are well-formed (#8134, cfe7e73)
  • Added center click scrolling on Windows (47c6797)
  • Added fixes for jquery 3.0 compatibility (fb6337f 6e02375)

link Transitions

  • Switched from .then to .done for jQuery 3 compat (a1a182f)
  • Deprecated defaultDialogTransition (#7752, 9688afc)
  • Updated transition demos to mention data-direction uses (#8450
  • Fixed to interrupt popup transition even when it's already in progress. (#6602)
  • Added support for Opera transitions (#4521)
  • Added TransitionHandler object and expose it as an API (#4022)

link Navigation

  • Fixed to grab transition from current entry, when going forward (#1867, #4951, 0c14e2d)
  • Fixed click handler to correctly handle absolute URL with hash (#5759, bdfe15d)
  • Fixed to not wait for load() if document.readyState is "complete" (#7386, 9310e8d)
  • Removed fallback for browsers lacking dynamic base support (#7331, #5757, #7489, 780f0e4)
  • Fixed back buttons get vclick highlight (20284e5)
  • Fixed redirect error when redirecting with plain JS (ceb628b)
  • Added new uniqueId to internal history state (#7602, 3993257)
  • Updated to separate pagecontainer and transitions (#6929, #4022, #7158, c47b523)
  • Added check if window.history is available before using replaceState (#8142, 674bc89)
  • Fixed to not trigger 'navigate' if popstate is default-prevented (#8045, cc81c15)
  • Fixed to correctly (un)escape data-url (#1383, e412102)
  • Fixed navigator to update initialHref when initial popstate arrives (#8056, 7069e21)
  • Fixed Comparison of domains to be case-insensitively inside $.mobile.path (#2446, ba92be4)
  • Removed $.mobile.changePage (#6691, #7946, 6ca700e)
  • Removed $.mobile.loadPage() (#6691, 4d38509)
  • Fixed to not assume "//" is always as a part of an absolute URL (#6574, #6599, 9e082b0)
  • Removed $.mobile.changePage() (#7946)
  • Fixed compatibility with Hammer.js (#7805)
  • Fixed dynamicBaseEnabled (#7331)
  • Fixed pagecontainerbeforehide and pagecontainerbeforeshow data to contain both pages (#7176)
  • Removed $.mobile.path.hashToSelector() (#6696)
  • Fixed Hash Processing error when hash has parameters (e.g., /#taskGroupDetails/7) (#5567)
  • Fixed error with history and ancor when they are parenthesis "(" and ")" in the URL (#1610)
  • Removed $.mobile.getDocumentUrl and $.mobile.getDocumentBase (#6507)
  • Fixed specific sequences breaking navigation (#4817)
  • Fixed parsing the query string without the content after "?" causes loss of navigation (#6029)

link Theme

  • Removed non-existent "-ms-box-sizing" property (#6749, debea2d)
  • Added margin to floating icons (#8422, 0e4803b)
  • Fixed to use width auto for inline button elements in toolbars (#7232, 1ed6f92)
  • Fixed .ui-mini text input missing blue highlight on focus (#6795, ab067cb)
  • Updated grid to use clearfix instead of overflow (#6795, 4ed23b3)
  • Renamed block class for top/bottom icon spans (c479866)
  • Added demo for floating icon helper classes (c2f003a)
  • Added floating icon helper classes (#8145, ec6029f)
  • Removed deprecated icon shadow (2a26f88)
  • Updated icons to display inline-block (5c050aa)
  • Fixed typo in icon name changed carat to caret. Fixes all but demos (#7819, 2f43840)
  • Fixed text underline in visited link buttons (#6926, 24200cc)
  • Added ability to use nodisc class on non-button icons (415c7f6)
  • Updated to keep background for checkbox-off icon when using no-disc icons (#6993, a874e22)
  • Removed iconshadow-related UI from default theme demo (#7749, 2d60b2c)
  • Added missing comment for the ThemeRoller (#7454, 8ec5c0b)
  • Fixed to always reset browser default style for body (#7933, 57a8fff)
  • Update icons to use spans instead of :pseudo element(#7664, bf6bb09)

link Accordion

  • Added jQuery UI accordion to replace collapsible and colapsibleset (#7798, 41a7012)
  • Collapsible Make CollapseCueText and ExpandCueText optional/configurable in accordion widget (#5649)

link Extensions and Mixins

  • addFirstLastClasses: .not( ".ui-screen-hidden" ) -> custom function (#7227, 7b818d8)
  • Added form-reset-mixin from jQuery UI for consistent form reset handling (669e085)
  • Added theme extension for consistent theme setting

link Button

  • Added jQuery UI button widget to replace jQuery mobile one (d04308f)
  • Updated button and icon classes (#7664, bf6bb09)
  • Fixed the height of mini buttons (5e0456e)
  • Fixed mini button text truncated on Android 4.4.2 (#7746)
  • Deprecated style options (#7303)

link Checkboxradio

  • Fixed toggling of enhanced checkboxs (#8253, 5ebe2c7)
  • Deprecated option "mini" (#7463, 189d2ae)
  • Fixed retrievial of label (#7292, d9f5d21)
  • Updated When pre-rendered, to assume label is a sibling of the input (#7470, cb7a5dc)
  • Fixed refresh method to check whether the widget should be disabled or not (#7598, b33ec10)
  • Fixed second update upon input vclick (#7378, 805ff49) #5973 * Checkboxradio Checkbox and label different select state (#5973)

link Collapsible

  • Fixed selector to be more conservative to avoid recursion (#7413, b1a3ca6)
  • Removed deprecated collapsible-set name (bfd528c)
  • Updated collapsibleset to enhance /all/ children

link Controlgroup

  • Fixed controlgroup icon-only buttons in toolbars mini (#7266, 107aebc)
  • Added controlgroup from jQuery UI to replace mobile controlgroup

link Fieldcontain

link Filterable

  • Fixed items not showing when all items match the filter string (#7307, f2ca4b7, db17abf)
  • Removed demo showing filtering select elements, it does not work on all platforms (#7744, 9eab1da)
  • Fixed preventDefault not working (#7153, 6b46425)
  • Fixed flag "preventKeyPress" at each keydown not being reset (#7830, #7865, 2ef45a1)
  • Fixed form submission not being prevented when user presses ENTER (#7240, 923c1f8)

link Flipswitch

  • Fixed missing Prevent default when label is clicked (#6661, 7483a6b)
  • Fixed text color (#7701, 6bd1e01)
  • Updated to use a span with a tabindex instead of an anchor (#8148, 177d9d9)
  • Added Classes Option (#7715, 22c2c2b)
  • Fixed standalone widget to not scroll to the top of the page when knob is clicked (#8148)
  • Fixed destroy method throwing an exception (#8071)
  • Fixed active flipswitch gets wrong text color on hover (#7701)

link Listview

  • Updated css to replace position of caret and count (#8439, e76bd9c)
  • Added classes option (#7692, #7670, b81b0c6)
  • Added support for enhanced option (#7161, 3cf2944)
  • Added ability to apply count theme with a class (#6966, 6c7e304)
  • Fixed truncation in presence of icon (#8325, b58029f)
  • Removed dependency on page (#7493, 035d302)
  • Fixed problem with listview about set icon after init (#7937)
  • Removed filterable backcompat code (#7487)
  • Fixed inset option does nothing (#6059)
  • Fixed listview refresh to do smart iteration over list (#6680)

link Loader

  • Updated to attach to body when no $.mobile.pageContainer found (#7760, de43d3f)
  • Added classes option (#7699, e2f8f06)
  • Removed ui-loader border with border-width=0 (#7288)

link Navbar

  • Added classes option (#7705, dae90c2)
  • Fixed styling of button elements (#7606, 69b1144)
  • Fixed counting script elements as navigation items (#7943)
  • Fixed navbar without links (#7909)
  • Fixed active state geting removed from persistent navbar after page transition (#7583)
  • Fixed Focused mini text input within grid missing right border (#6795)

link Page

  • Updated css for hiding non active page to account for height (99005f0)
  • Updated change option enhance to enhanceWithin (fe18ab2)
  • Removed old page based enhancer (f995b91)
  • Renamed option "closeButton" to "closeBtn" in dialog extension test (c6f4be8)
  • Added option enhance (#7416, b347f0d)
  • Updated to use visibility:hidden instead of display:none to hide page (#8137, 8cbf649)
  • Added classes option (#7707, 5d111f5)
  • Fixed dialog to get ui-body-inherit class if no theme has been specified (#8260)
  • Fixed horizontal scroll (#7641)

link Pagecontainer

  • Added allowSamePageTransition to urlHistory (#7586, 834843c)
  • Removed reloadPage option (#8434, 4df25a6)
  • Fixed to hide loader and release transition lock at page load fail (#3143, 866fa98)
  • Added classes option (8fbf36a)
  • Updated to pass triggerData with load event (#7580, af08283)
  • Updated all page events to go through triggerWithDeprecated (#7063, #7283, #7176, 3d4d7dd)
  • Updated Change changeHash option to changeUrl (#6295, b0fedab)
  • Fixed identifing the current page as a dialog (#7538, ba428b0)
  • Fixed preventDefault not preventing history change during pagebeforechange event (#3136)

link Panel

  • Fixed allowing click that opens panel to bubble (#7301, 5e234e8)
  • Fixed height of external panel to document height (#7983, f911c53)
  • Updated to truncate and move to left: 0 while closed (#7807, 9e73ab4)
  • Fixed incorrect closing in response to a default-prevented swipe event (#6925, 874285e)
  • Fixed jumping up on resize (#7572, 23294ef)
  • Added classes option ((#7709), 8de2977)
  • Fixed retention of current page during closing process (#7814, 827292e)
  • Fixed panel to bail upon opening animationComplete() if the panel has closed (#7236, 301f124)
  • Fixed Android 2.3.7 not scrolling to top when panel closes (#6767, 0e1f405)
  • Removed inline height from .ui-panel-dismiss on _closePanel (#7312, 6201c90)
  • Updated to invalidate _openedPage upon pageshow before recomputing wrapper (#7711, fecdc49)
  • Fixed usage of .wrapAll() safely (#8248, ae7489e)
  • Fixed transition with new toolbars (#8324, cfef5c6)
  • Fixed to ensure height is removed from modal inline style upon panel close (3293d59)
  • Fixed page scrolling to top after closing a panel. (#8323)
  • Added on-the-fly support for option "dismissible" (#7884)
  • Fixed dissmissible option not working (#7882)

link Popup

  • Fixed to not call blur if the target is the body (#7639, b14dd31)
  • Added classes option (#7686, 3361b85)
  • Fixed blue focus flash on android 4.2 (#7533, 59fac36)
  • Fixed external popups to no longer need custom click routing (#7367, 39fe09e)
  • Fixed to ignore resize events right after a click (#6961, 5342dfd)
  • Added ID to h2 for popup position-to to find (#7875, f9f6a06)
  • Fixed to ensure focus restriction code by checking destination (#7870, ff657a8)
  • Fixed to escape ID when looking to update aria-attributes (841db13)
  • Fixed to avoid calling _close() twice (#7917, a61d152)
  • Fixed to use .done() instead of .then() for prerequisites (#8044, d34c86a)
  • Added tabindex after open, and remove it after close (#7856, 120cae6)
  • Fixed pagecontainerbeforechange with reloadPage requireing immediate flag (#6119, b3e036d)
  • Fixed enhancement of popup and its contents before opening (#7336, 186d286)
  • Fixed to not reposition if the popup remains on-screen after a resize (#5523, #7862, [3572a65](https://git
  • Updated to no longer add ui-link (#8194)
  • Fixed open method throwing exception in IE with JQM 1.4.5 if document.activeElement is null (#7968)
  • Fixed re-positioning in iOS6 (#5523)
  • Fixed form submission not working as expected if the url of the page does not contain a get variable (#6119)
  • Removed js/jquery.mobile.links.js (#5945)

link Rangeslider

link Selectmenu

  • Fixed error in _decideFormat (#7369, 011c112)
  • Fixed to hide generated span from AT (#8256, 92ef0c1)
  • Fixed to unwind stack before blur()ing in response to change (#7685, 32bc2e9)
  • Fixed to delay trigger until after the list closes (#7076, dde4873)
  • Fixed count indicator position for multiple mini version (#7918, 3ee5450)
  • Fixed to focus button during outgoing page transition (#6578, 07696be)
  • Fixed to heed dividerTheme if there are optgroup children (#7080, ab24dd4)
  • Fixed to not double-entity-encode option text (#7543, b0e1202)
  • Fixed to add max-width constraint to multi inline select menu (#8038, e9d0ab6)
  • Fixed filter demo to filter / refresh selectmenu widget (#7677, 75e1823)
  • Fixed to not focus upon blur (#6028, #3184, e9e3b56)
  • Fixed custom select to use label, then placeholder for dialog title (#7399, 1b836ee)
  • Fixed to correctly handle widget element IDs with weird characters (#7401, 0f36bb9)
  • Fixed to correctly update checkboxes in non-native multiselect list (#7732, dca863f)
  • Fixed to enable/disable via prop, not attr (#7997, 9b6b405)
  • Added demo sporting placeholder (#7396, 9cb1040)
  • Fixed to copy tabindex from native element (#8078, abab8d5)
  • Added classes option (#7731, 649b09f)
  • Fixed missing comma in variable declaration (#7405, 6220624)
  • Fixed issue with browser crash in safari when activating selectmenu (#8357)
  • Fixed inability to close long list select menu (#8054)
  • Fixed controlgroup float on chrome (#7793)
  • Removed option iconShadow (#7465)
  • Fixed setting icon and iconpos (#7412)
  • Fixed attaching change-eventlistener on selectmenu wigdet (#7363)

    Added data-enhanced option (#6882)

  • Fixed dependency on button (#6647)
  • Fixed performance issue with custom menu on Samsung Galaxy S3. (#5625)

link Slider

  • Added classes Option (#7716, bf20ef9)
  • Fixed input to not get ui-state-disabled class (#7024, #6532, 61bdcd7)
  • Fixed close tag on wrapper (#7849, 9576b76)
  • Fixed dynamic creation demo (#7545, 9a060c1)
  • Fixed change event to be less greedy with mouse drag (#7649, 32f471c)
  • Fixed to style and tooltip inconsistencies (cc4b6a5)
  • Fixed value on button not being updated (#7137, 8c8d149)
  • Fixed class "undefined" present in ui-slider-bg (#8187)
  • Fixed focusing of slider in Firefox using keyboard (#8158)
  • Fixed mini slider visual layout (#7821)
  • Fixed Internet Explorer and floating point numerical inputs (#6012)

link Table

  • Added structural CSS for popup (efcb217)
  • Fixed to check both forced-hidden and forced-visible columns (151b676)
  • Added unlock() method (c47a80d)
  • Fixed to restore both forced-hidden and forced-shown columns at refresh() (2b8ba74)
  • Fixed to reflow labels honor abbr title (#7608, 15f7a67)
  • Fixed to stop querying the table for "thead tr" in a loop (04f66f7)
  • Fixed to record UI elements both when pre-rendered and not (1922d7c)
  • Added demo illustrating button suppression (69cc17e)
  • Added option columnUi (49f36fc)
  • Fixed to not update columns that have no priority set (25debe1)
  • Removed table-stoke and table-stripe classes (#6531, a6c9834)
  • Fixed to prevent reflow when printing (#7896, e0c8376)
  • Fixed to test setColumnVisibility() when there's a popup (0605d81)
  • Fixed to add reflow label even if heading is empty (#7648, 28e1ae2)
  • Added _destroy() method (58a09c2)
  • Removed superfluous and markup-whise invalid "locked" attribute (#7381, 00fb4e2)
  • Fixed to add class ui-state-disabled if initially disabled (35c2c0a)
  • Added demo of setColumnVisibility() and custom UI with columnUi: false (56d5498)
  • Added option "columnButton" (true/false) (02bded3)
  • Fixed to remember hidden columns post-refresh (#7275, 7d80cbd)
  • Added Classes Option (#8341, 2be701d)
  • Fixed _setOptions() to handle "disabled" (afb0a3d)
  • Fixed to restrict selector scope by using generated popup ID (#7341, 6e7f185)
  • Fixed to copy entire contents of reflow headers into reflow bold tags (#7415, a9472ce)
  • Updated to separate popup-related functionality (82df832)
  • Fixed to make selector for popup instance core 2.1.1-friendly in ct test (9f23bde)
  • Added handling of _setOptions() for style options (d589371)
  • Added columntoggle method setColumnVisibility() (f21d080)
  • Fixed reflow table rendering issue after switching between breakpoints (#7684)
  • Added option to disable popup creation (#6523)
  • Remove table-stripe and table-stroke classes (#6531)

link Tabs

  • Added override _isLocal() to account for Ajax nav (#7169, #7725, c74be57)
  • Fixed ui-button-active state on initially opened tab (#7407, d2c5cab)

link Textinput

  • Updated autogrow to no longer update on page show set height (00746a1)
  • Removed default clear button in date input type (#8001, 98ce367)
  • Added classes option (#7730, 8e1c765)
  • Added a demo about how to change the icon color (#6757, ad98f7f)
  • Added tabindex -1 on clearbuttons (#6467, 826ada0)
  • Added aria-hidden="true" to clear button and test correct markup (29f0364)
  • Fixed to only attempt to destroy clear button when present (#7567, c6ba792)
  • Fixed sync height update even in IE8 (#7577, 766a03d)
  • Fixed concatenation of clearBtnText value into HTML snippet (#7603, #7605, 5197c10)
  • Added ui-state-disabled class when disabled (#8251, 3ba1af2)
  • Fixed enhanced option (#8252, b1397f8)
  • Fixed code for comparing .tagName misses .toLowerCase() or .toUpperCase() for XHTML (#7959)

link Toolbar

  • Added proper destroy methods for toolbar and fixedtoolbar (#6987, #6939, 3efe6fe)
  • Fixed back button to correctly appears/disappears on external toolbar (#6950, b0685b3)
  • Removed fullscreen from fixed toolbar demo (#7282, 0bf1309)
  • Added classes option (#7687, 24c072b)
  • Added demo for persistent toolbar active state fix (#7578, 2637803)
  • Removed classes from correct page when destroying fixedtoolbars (#7995, ddf966a)
  • Fixed toolbar show/hide must not interfere with each other (#7906, #5514, 9eeb25e)
  • Fixed initialization of this.pagecontainer if the toolbar is fixed (#7839, 0d533e0)
  • Changed href to "#" (#7949, 4298089)
  • Added demo for use of custom CSS to add left/right buttons to footer (#7634, 27d808a)
  • Deprecated default inline and mini for buttons in toolbars (#7445)
  • Removed auto-enhancement of links in toolbars (#7230)