jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 Changelog

link Core JS

  • Fixed resetActivePageHeight() to ignore any external fixed toolbar widget with option updatePagePadding set to true. ( #7739, 794c0ec)

link Demos

  • Fixed css references in classic theme demo. (#7771, 2f7a0bc)
  • Fixed backbone demo to use pre-enhanced markup. (#7719, 7a633c2)
  • Fixed external references to use cdn.rawgit.com. (#7767, a43f89c)
  • Fixed hash processing demo to update page halfway through the transition. (#7775, 2cca0f0)

link Theme CSS

  • Removed iconshadow-related UI from default theme demo. (#7749, cbd1c32)
  • Fixed .ui-mini text input missing blue highlight on focus. (#6795, 94217df)

link Widgets

link Checkboxradio

link Controlgroup

  • Fixed to honor keepNative for buttonMarkup. (#7676, aa930a6)

link Filterable

  • Removed demo of filtering native select, because it can't work on all platforms. (#7744, 4800f90)

link Loader

  • Fixed to attach to body when no $.mobile.pageContainer found. (#7760, 005206f)

link Pagecontainer

  • Fixed to honor both reload and reloadPage during load Option reload takes precedence over option reloadPage. (#7769, 7b97a67)

link Panel

  • Fixed to remove _openedPage upon pageshow before recomputing wrapper. (#7711, 7aa51ab)
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling when external panels are on right of page. (#7807, c1c2579)

link Selectmenu

  • Fixed browser crash on iOS 8 when selecting next form control from native select menu. (#7685, edcdd51)
  • Fixed filterable demo to filter/refresh selectmenu widget. (#7677, a7a5a40)
  • Fixed selectmenu not correctly updating checkboxes in non-native multiselect list. (#7732, c4fb16a)