jQuery Mobile 1.4.4 Changelog

link Events

link Swipe

  • Fixed processing of touchmove if its default is prevented. (#7573, a6aef45)

link Init

  • Fixed click handler to correctly handle absolute URLs with a hash. (#5759, 4813c33)
  • Fixed comparison of domains case-sensitivity inside $.mobile.path (#2446, b068128)
  • Fixed exceptions during navigation by correctly (un)escaping data-url all throughout the code, selector-escaping the result when creating a selector for a page, and removing code dealing with nested list URL tokens (subPageUrlKey) (#1383, d3a412e)
  • Fixed the way a transition is chosen during back / forward navigation. (#1867, #4951, 8ea937f)
  • Removed initialDst which is no longer needed for resolving initial URLs. (#7177, 0095c40)

link Fieldcontain

  • Fixed width for notext buttons in a fieldcontain. (#7526, 01dc1e3)

link Tests

  • Fixed errors and visual glitches in Chrome (#7499, ede2f5f)
  • Added the ability to specify a specific test file within a suite. (#7506, 901c8ff)

link Widgets

link Button

  • Fixed wrapper reference in _destroy method. (#7490, e8c0118)

link Checkboxradio

  • Fixed refresh method to check whether the input should be disabled or not. (#7598, 2f45cb9)

link Collapsible

  • Fixed to use more conservative selector to avoid recursion. (#7413, ebb6b41)

link Listview

  • Added demo of navbar with button elements. (32224ec)
  • Fixed to re-implement recursion limitation. (#7644, 4dbe745)
  • Fixed filter demos to use new Filterable widget API (#7279, 5e1a940)
  • Fixed styling of button elements. (#7606, a6b00e7)
  • Removed dependency on page widget. (#7493, 36a9898)

link Pagecontainer

  • Fixed to correctly identify the current page as a dialog. (#7538, 445ff20)
  • Fixed passing of triggerData with load event. (#7580, d1bb77f)
  • Fixed to check that the body is not the activeElement before calling blur, to prevent sending the current window to the background in IE. (#7639, 5f06bd1)

link Rangeslider

  • Fixed ability to enable the widget after disabling it. (#7547, a3b0f79)
  • Fixed triggering of slidestart on first handle. (#7597, e31e599)

link Selectmenu

  • Fixed double entity encoding of option text. (#7543, 8ba83c0)

link Slider

  • Added demo of dynamic creation. (#7545, 8086d00)
  • Fixed change event triggering on drag to only trigger if value actually changes. (#7649, b08b5d7)
  • Fixed input not geting ui-state-disabled class when disabled. (#7024, #6532, 31c0b2a)

link Table

  • Fixed Reflow labels to honor <abbr> title when present. (#7608, b0b3495)

link Textinput

  • Added aria-hidden="true" to clear buttons to hide them from screen readers. (88c7761)
  • Added tabindex -1 on clearbuttons to prevent them from being tabbed to.(#6467, 5c27fa0)
  • Fixed concatenation of clearBtnText value into HTML snippet. (#7603, #7605, 516b791)
  • Fixed syncing of height in IE8. (#7577, 6c9b996)
  • Fixed attempting to remove clear button when not present in destroy method. (#7567, 7f3f585)

link Toolbar

  • Added demo of persistent toolbar active state fix. (#7578, 62695d4)
  • Added demo of the use of custom CSS to add left/right buttons to footer. (#7634, c4623d0)
  • Fixed destroy methods for toolbar and fixedtoolbar. (#6987, #6939, 98ece81)