jQuery Mobile 1.4.3 Changelog

link Accessibility

  • Removed reflow CSS hack for Safari <= 5 to fix issues with assistive technology not being able to detect tables. (#6583, 0ec40a4)

link Core JS

  • Fixed over agressive removal of handlers in animationComplete. (#7265, ef1abfc)
  • Improved performance of addFirstLastClass. (#7227, df691e6)
  • Fixed resetActivePageHeight() to be less aggressive and not set a min-height if the existing height is good enough. (#7322, 5f2dd7e)

link Core CSS

  • Removed invalid "-ms-box-sizing" css property. (#6749, 2d1d09b)
  • Fixed incorrect sizing of icon only buttons in a controlgroup in a toolbar. (#7266, 58c39a1)
  • Fixed incorrect width for buttons in toolbars. (#7232, 05f409d)

link Demos

  • Fixed to allow text selection in inputs and textareas. (#6819, a253474)
  • Added casperjs tests which spider the demos to check for errors as part of tests. (c92ccc4)

link Events

link Swipe

  • Fixed removal of swiperight when tearing down swipeleft and vice versa. (#7351, 65e81c0)

link Touch Events

  • Fixes touchend events not being propagated if taphold is set to prevent the following tap event. (#7494, 4b94fb0)
  • Fixed assumption that "//" is always part of an absolute URL. (#6574, #6599, ecd5be5)
  • Fixed waiting for load() if document.readyState is "complete". (#7386, d37576f)

link Theme CSS

  • Fixed missing comment for the ThemeRoller. (#7454, e71ca3b)
  • Fixed background for checkbox-off icon when using no-disc icons. (#6993, c862a86)
  • Fixed text underline in visited link buttons. (#6926, 39786a2)

link Widgets

link Checkboxradio

  • Fixed retrieval of label and improved performance of label retrieval. (#7292, dca0976)
  • Fixed missing dependency. (#7294, 26b1d16)
  • Fixed double update on input vclick. (#7378, 180f875)
  • Fixed retrieval of form id. (#7223, 9ff610d)
  • Fixed retrieval of label when using enhanced option. (#7470, 9aa1f30)

link Controlgroup

  • Fixed inconsistent height of elements in a controlgroup. (1070ac7)

link Filterable

  • Fixed missing call to filterable refresh, from listview refresh, in filterable backwards compatibility extension. (#5680, baa6932)
  • Fixed init selector for backwards compatability. (#6911, 2f726f1)
  • Fixed form submission when user presses ENTER. (#7240, 5b8a14f)
  • Fixed hiding of elements when all elements match the filter text. (#7307, 3c0378a)
  • Fixed ignoring of preventDefault. (#7153, 6a08158)

link Listview

  • Fixed checking of :first if there is only one anchor. (eaf53c6)
  • Fixed count theme to be applied with a class. (#6966, ab0358e)
  • Fixed linkbar demo and updated to 1.4 markup. (#7129, 58be1f7)

link Panel

  • Fixed enhancement of the popup and its contents before opening in demo. (#7336, b8431e1)
  • Fixed external popups to no longer need custom click routing. (#7367, 67d897a)
  • Fixed handling of resize events right after a click. (#6961, 2eb11cb)

link Select

  • Fixed calling of decideDecide format in native menu. (bf06f5e)
  • Added demo using placeholder. (#7396, 0614979)
  • Fixed passing of theme and overlayTheme to popup. (#7195, 4434822)
  • Fixed priority of label and placeholder when selecting title. (#7399, 7342344)
  • Fixed calling of trigger before the select was closed. (#7076, ea0533f)
  • Fixed missing comma in variable declaration. (#7405, 5445bc4)

link Slider

link Table

  • Fixed copying of only text to instead copy all html in headers. (#7415, 14d2343)
  • Fixed remembering hidden columns after refresh. (#7275, 5048010)
  • Removed invalid locked attribute. (#7381, 21ea9dd)
  • Fixed selector scope by using generated popup ID. (#7341, d04d7a1)
  • Fixed calling of jqmData for columns without a priority. (#7357, 78c37f7)
  • Removed reflow CSS hack for Safari <= 5 to fix issues with assistive technology not being able to detect tables. (#6583, 0ec40a4)

link Toolbar

  • Fixed addition of back button under some circumstances. (#6950, da816e7)

link Pagecontainer

  • Fixed the load method to correctly return a promise. (#6900, 68d2ccd)
  • Fixed all events to go through triggerWithDeprecated to ensure all former page events have a pagecontainer counterpart. Also ensures all pagecontainer events contain toPage and prevPage properties. (#7176,#7283, 40b626e)
  • Added demo on debugging pagecontainer events. (#7063, 40b626e)