jQuery Mobile 1.4.2 Changelog

link Build

  • Added commitplease for commit msg checking (d43d310)
  • Added option "es3" to jshint (#7172, f6bf0d7)

link Core JS

  • Change default to durationDefault and fixed duration reading to safeguard against NAN values and fix camelcase of duration name (#7114, #7116, 5bbb46a)

  • Fixed resetActivePageHeight to account for external toolbars (#7134, 6dcea68)

link Demos

  • Fixed source and built RequireJS + Backbone demo (#6818, f029237)
  • Fixed base to depend on path (#7159, c7cf4ea)

  • Fixed resetActivePageHeight() on pageshow to wait for window.load (65ad2f9)

link Theme CSS

  • Fixed to clean up a diff artifact Introduced by commit bbb3bd5. (#7182, c64f51f)

  • Removed shorthand to set background color only (#6839, d734c6b)

link Transitions

  • Fixed calculation "none" after establishing this.toScroll (#7140, c358947)

link Widgets

link Button

link Checkboxradio

  • Fixed unchecking of the rest of the radio input set upon input click (#7180, b0fcf39)

  • Fixed assembly of radio group (#7088, 70700a5)

link Collapsible

  • Fixed to uniformly handle icon-related option setting (0b9186c)

  • Fixed bug with collapsedIcon (#7089, fbbb29e)

link Fieldcontain

  • Fixed override rules for fieldcontainers inside popups (#7174, 4d677f3)

  • Fixed comment in demo css to use valid comment style (#7115, d0fed72)

link Listview

  • Fixed counter style to apply to the first .ui-btn child of a li (#7095, d60fdc3)

link Page

link Panel

  • Fixed to not scroll to top upon updatelayout (#6688, f6cf315)

  • Fixed to not store ID inside the widget (#6769, 7850a2f)

  • Fixed panel classes set on wrong page (#6650, 9d9a42a)

  • Fixed to only call getWrapper on create or when page changes for external (#6885, #6260, b003c20)

  • Added button that opens popup alignment demo (#7144, b3bf6c5)

link Slider

  • Fixed rules for fieldcontainers inside popups for flip switch (45e354a)

link Table

  • Added columntoggle refresh tests (bfbdebb)

  • Fixed refresh method in table widget (#7090, f61d376)

link Toolbar

  • Removed trailing comma from autogrow (#7171, 90a620c)

  • Removed call to _setOptions from inside _makeFixed (#6567, cc54a86)

  • Updated external toolbar demo blurbs to remove references to non-existing feature (#7135, 4065394)

link Pagecontainer

  • Fixed "navigate" handlers to turn off scrolling, then change page (#7148, e306bb0)