jQuery Mobile 1.4.1 Changelog

link Core JS

  • AnimationComplete: Added transition, fallbacks and removed memory leaks. AnimationComplete is also now its own module including support tests for animations and transitions (#5156, #6816, #6697, #6895, #6148, 749c78e)

  • Removed "use strict" (#13335, 362e3fc)

  • Fixed Swipe event to trigger only one event per mouse sequence and let it bubble. The element to which a mousedown handler is attached by the swipe setup() code, takes ownership of the next swipe event. (#6262, 6f97d29)

link Demos

  • Added Warning about classic theme not being a feature on demo page (5c73239)

  • Updated datepicker demo to use tags to protect against outside code changes in the future from breaking the demo (#7008, b7f0411)

link Events

link Touch Events

  • Fix cords of events for swipe to be correct across browsers (9190344)

link Page events

  • Fixed demos to use pagecreate instead pageinit (#6954, cb6a2c1)
  • Added navigation hash processing demo. Pass hash query params into location via page's data-url. Illustrate history retention via allowSamePageTransition (f42f54a)

  • Fixed syntax error in sample code (5190a95)

link Theme CSS

  • Alphabetized icon examples in the demos (40d4cb8)

  • Fixed markup and style guide issues on grunticon demo page (87453e0)

  • Same size for all icons and center the image (#6356, bbb3bd5)

  • Fixed inconsistent quoting of url() values (3a22e02)

link Build

link Widgets

link Button

link Collapsibleset

  • Fixed demos to use non-deprecated initSelector (#7065, bc4d8e2)

link Collapsible

link Customselect

  • Fixed Transfer of "overlayTheme" option to dialog. If the "overlayTheme" option is not specified, the "theme" option is fanned out to both the dialog's "theme" option as well as its "overlayTheme" option. (#6975, 126432e)

link Dialog Extension

link Fieldcontain

  • Fixed selector to take hidden form elements into account (#6701, b9b25ba)

link Filterable

link Flipswitch

  • Fixed examples to use unique ID's (#6956, 18a3cd6)
  • Fixed Transfer of tabindex to "on" button and make input unfocusable. (#6955, acea5f8)

link Grid

link Page

  • Updated page sections info on intro page (#7052, 0e6bf28)
  • Fixed Manipulation of class in response to "theme" option change The "theme" option should result in the manipulation of class "ui-page-theme-", not "ui-body-" (#6668,2b04726)

link Panel

  • Fixed link to use Ajax false on link to External Panels page (1651544)

  • Fixed ignore click event whose default has been prevented. Check whether the default on the event that would close the panel has been prevented, and ignore it if so. (#6693, 2d8990d)

link Select

  • Fixed injection of HTML that is not XHTML compliant (#6699, 143bdae)

link Slider

  • Fixed CSS structure special comment (#7027, 277d379)
  • Changed to initially hide the tooltip (#7020, 044a3f8)
  • Fixed setting of class "ui-state-disabled" in sync with disabled option (#6857, dfc5d32)

link Table

  • Columntoggle: Switched to delegation to attach events to the checkboxes (d8375b7)

link Textinput

  • Fixed autogrow to save and restore scrollTop during autogrow height update (#6898, a85aa3a)

  • Removed overflow for autogrow textarea widgets (#6996, 9904b3f)

  • Added feature detection to avoid setting height to 0 on IE8 Also replaces the immediate height update with a timed one, because the immediate height update issued from _autogrow() is having no effect in IE. Fixes gh-6998 (#6998, a91747c)

  • Corrected padding-right for input with clear button (#7011, 1ff2d3a)

  • Fixed option clearBtn to work at runtime (e3761c2)

  • Removed "ui-input-has-clear" class from wrapper, not element (4696651)

link Toolbar

  • Fixed typos in back button info on demo page (#6835, 0121fd0)

  • Fixed enhancement of anchors marked data-role="none" unenhanced (#6875, eb8d2ba)

  • Fixed typo in persistent toolbar demos (aea0f99)