jQuery Mobile 1.3.2 Changelog

  • Popup: Correctly pass position data through to popupbeforeposition handler. (2b23833)
  • Popup: Set visibility: hidden instead of display: none to remove the need for un-hiding before height calculation. (c5fdf04)
  • keyboard does not disappear when after the pop-up is closed. (#5974, 143e4ba)
    • Popup: Blur any focused elements inside container, including the container itself, upon closing. Fixes #5974 keyboard does not disappear when after the pop-up is closed.
  • Popup Widget Events Passed as init Options are Immediately Executed. (#5958, 1d575ba)
    • Popup: Performance improvements. Fixes #5958. Found with git bisect.

link Textinput

  • Fix for placeholder text not being grayed out in IE10 (cb0ae04)

link Buttonmarkup

  • buttonMarkup: Remove popup special handling. (089fecb)

link Table

  • Duplicated "display" property (#5985, 3490848)
    • Table: Removed duplicate display property from CSS. Fixes #5985. Thanks @mish7 !

link Custom selects

  • Custom selects with an id containing a period don't open their popup (#5893, 83e14b9)
    • Custom select: Escape weird characters in popup/dialog ID when they become hrefs. Fixes #5893.
  • Dynamic Select empty when opening second time. (#5935, 2e55b22)
    • Custom select: Remove dialog upon _destroy. Fixes #5935.
  • Non native menus: dialog size select title should match the label when changed after the dialog markup is added to the DOM. (#5956, d0eb1b9)
    • Dialog: Render un-closeable during pagebeforehide. Fixes #5956.

link Controlgroup

  • Fieldcontain fieldset legend overflows in IE10. (#6139, 321f0c7)
    • Controlgroup: Make legend wrap on IE10. Fixes #6139.

link Fieldset

  • incorrect overflow handling selectmenu[multiple] inside fieldset. (#6077, 8e61a4e)
    • Core CSS: Unset browser default min-width for fieldset. Fixes #6077.

link Panel

  • Panel: Opening from anchor tag within listview does not remove active button class, (#5961, 4777ef8)
    • Panel: Make sure active button class is removed when link to panel is a listview button. Fixes #5961.

link Slider

  • Slider widget does not work on Opera Mobile 12.10 browser with JQM version 1.3.1. (#5903, 5ba1d42)
    • Slider: On Opera Mobile event.which is undefined. Accept that and get slidin. Fixes #5903.
  • loadPage Cannot read property "prefetch" of undefined (#5877, 3c53106)
    • Prefetch: Check for existance of options object before checking prefetch property Fixes #5877 - loadPage Cannot read property 'prefetch' of undefined and addresses execption from #5951
  • Navigating back is broken with autoInitializePage = false (Cannot call method 'trigger' of undefined) (#5284, )
    • resolve the nav ready deferred after the page container has been created Fixes #5284
  • Popup button missing role attribute / aria-owns missing "-popup" postfix. (#6117, b75b313)
    • Links: ID refs without hashtag for aria-owns attribute of links to popups. Fixes #6117.
  • The "popup" data rel attribute should be mapped to the respective ARIA attributes. (#5898, 252634e)
    • Links: Append popup accessibility attributes. Fixes #5898.
  • links.js needs to depend on core, because it uses .jqmEnhanceable() and the :jqmData() pseudoselector defined in core. (8bc9b1b)

link Theme

  • Split button list: Buttons not showing in IE7 (1.3 regression) (#6002, 5d477a7)
    • Theme: Use shorthand for background color fallback to make it work on IE7. Fixes #6002.

link Demo center

  • Label didn't match example. (d7ffc82)
  • Added note to the PHP redirect demo that says it only works on a server. (9ac46ef)
  • Update example CSS for "Making the panel responsive". (#5889, 96d1e86)
    • Demos: Updated comment above example CSS for clarification. Fixes #5889.
  • Bug in documentation example "Making the panel responsive" (#5936, d5f995b)
    • Demos: Updated responsive panels CSS example. Fixes #5936.
  • Popup: Removed weird (and almost certainly accidental) popup-inside-popup embedding. (1330309)

link Tests

  • Popup integration tests: Add test to make sure popup elements do not have focus after the popup is closed. Tests #5974. (e3093f3)
  • Custom select integration tests: Ensure dialog is removed after destroying dialog-sized select menu. (b6cfd58)