jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 Changelog

link Button

  • Removed duplicated code in butonMarkup. Title is set twice for element when iconpos option is set. Thanks stforek! (d978490)
  • buttonMarkup: Do not allow a value of null to end up the value of an attribute, because it gets stringified as "null" (3cf5d18)
  • Removed border-radius inherit for ui-btn-text. (#5709, a25fef9)
    • added rule to listview because that's the only place where we need this.

link Checkboxradio

  • Add reset handling via $.extend, not $.widget to avoid additional subclass depth (ab6dbff)

link Collapsible Set (Accordion)

  • addFirstLastClasses: Add it to widgets via $.extend, not $.widget because it does not use any widget factory features. (5760035)

link Controlgroup

  • addFirstLastClasses: Add it to widgets via $.extend, not $.widget because it does not use any widget factory features. (5760035)

link Dialog

  • Fix setting dialog options other than "closeBtn". Thanks jdknezek! (a42f1a8)

link Fixed Toolbars

  • Fixed toolbar: changed hideDuringFocus logic to fix interaction with on-screen keyboard. (#4113, dcdf48f) (also fixes an issue on Android native browser.)
  • Page content's padding is not adjusted when fixed header elements changes its height. (#5619, 4f46cd4)
    • the first argument of updatePagePadding is expected to be a page, but when it is called from the throttledResize binding, it ends up as an event object, and the padding was being set on that instead of the page. This adds a check to ensure the arg is a page before setting its padding.

link Listview

  • Listview filter: Check if var listview is defined. (#5696 and #5643, c92a2bd)
    • The listviewcreate event bubbles up which causes an error if a listview is nested in an UL or OL without data-role="listview".
  • addFirstLastClasses: Add it to widgets via $.extend, not $.widget because it does not use any widget factory features. (5760035)
  • Ordered list numbering, display is not correct when adding additional tags. (#1609, 1b57da9)
    • Added style for ordered list with formatted content.
  • Clicking a currently active navbar tab removes ui-btn-active class and styling (#5707, 440f7c0)
    • Changed active state logic. Removed workaround for #1181. Fixed that issue by addressing the actual cause: event.target returns ui-btn-inner instead of the anchor
  • Simplify code for getAjaxFormData, (#5710, ee30a73).
    • When submitting a form via GET, strip query off URL before creating new query string.
  • Added "contentType" to settings for $.mobile.changePage with "data" argument. Thanks aristotelos! (420a179)
  • loadPage: update to account for if the page is prefetched done update basetag. (#5677, c8a8046)
    • Prefetching pages from other directories offsets -tag
  • Support: Turn off pushState inside FF iframes (54a3d79)
  • When submitting a form via GET, strip query off URL before creating new query string. (#5710, 92b813f)
  • Issues with history disabled with popups. (#5775, 2d7bebe)
    • If the default is prevented on the originalEvent of "navigate", do not go into _handleHashChange.
  • Removed extra function in transition. (f3fb077) "releasePageTransitionLock" sets "isPageTransitioning" to false; So no need to set is here as "releasePageTransitionLock" is called. Thanks poonkave!

link Panel

  • Workaround for bug in Firefox 19.x/Mac with native select in hardware accelerated panels. (#5753, 050db62)
    • make "-moz-transform: none;" override non-prefixed prop/val (FF 16+). Thanks @jaxtheking!
  • Panel: Visibility: hidden for closed panels. (#5652, 17509b6)
    • This prevents focus on links in closed panels when using the tab key.
  • Call positionPanel() before we start opening the panel. (7724e85)
    • This prevents a vertical scrollbar on the page div when opening a long panel on a short page.
  • Unset transform translate3d for FF where possible. (#5753, 184ad8e)
    • We don't need translate3d(0,0,0) for hardware acceleration in case of FF and it causes problems with selects due to a FF bug.
  • Fix for panel Flickering on iOS and Android (#5831, 68c8b33)
    • Adding 3D for reveal panel content and page sections in content wrap to kick in hardware acceleration.
  • Only set a default min-height for the page for panel consistency. (#5755, 8391f7d)
    • resetActivePageHeight() only overrides the page min-height. Setting this for ui-mobile causes issues on small screens.
  • Fixed typo in panel code. Fixes _panelInner. (85ad83c)
  • Set max-height for closed panel. (#5843, 5e3a5c6)
    • Page div gets a vertical scrollbar on IE9 if panel is longer than page content.
  • Give content wrapper a min-height on IE7. (#5607, 056024d)
    • Because of IE7's min-height bug, the content wrapper doesn't inherit the min-height of the page. On short pages you see the page background below the content.
  • Text input in popup doesn't loose focus (#5706, c605423)
    • When focusing on the container, do not bounce focus to an element inside it even if such an element is available.

link Range slider

  • Add form reset via $.extend, not $.widget. (ab6dbff)
  • Force update on mousedown to prevent situation where user has typed in input but input has not yet blurred. (#5644, cc7a844)
    • Rangeslider makes FF (Mac OS) pause for few sec and throw error "too much recursion" when manually enter right value less than left one and click middle slider area
  • Update highlight on form reset. (#5773, 47c820a)
    • Rangeslider layout breaks upon form reset.

link Select menu

  • Add reset handling via $.extend, not $.widget to avoid additional subclass depth. (ab6dbff)
  • Blur after change to make hideDuringFocus work correctly on Android/Chrome. (#5514, f1fde74)

link Slider

  • Add reset handling via $.extend, not $.widget to avoid additional subclass depth (ab6dbff)
  • Slider: drag should start only for left mouse button. Thanks stforek! (9dc7fc5)
  • Account for mouse and touch input event differences. "event.which" for mousedown can be 0 or 1, because it is 0 on mobile and 1 (left mouse button) on desktop (db9780c)
  • Flip swith style issues inside a table cell. (#5809, 949a16a, 735b531)
    • Reset unnecessary clearfix for the flip toggle switch.
  • Style tweaks for missing border for native range control. (#5846, faecfda)
    • Switch to border-width: 0 instead of border: none for the input to make it easier to restore the border if you want.

link Tables: Reflow and Column Toggle

  • Added missing refresh method for reflow and column toggle tables. (#5842 and #5841, 922c562)
    • This method wasn't implemented fully for 1.3.0 but was documented in the API so we have now added this capability for both table modes. Thanks frequent!

link Text Inputs & Textareas

  • Improved vertical alignment of clear button in mini sized text inputs. (#5840, d965023)
  • Textinput: height correctly calculated (without extra padding) for box-sizing. Thanks jhogervorst! (60789e2)
  • Automatic resizing now works for disabled textareas with pre-filled values. Thanks jhogervorst! (8ff0c55)

link Theme

  • Remove "px" from zero values in CSS. Saving bytes. Thanks nschonni! (f995a1c)

link Transitions

  • Removed animation-fill-mode properties to improve animations in Android 4.x (#5679, 3955150)
  • Slide transition not working properly on iOS (#5764, cf3a07a)
    • Use translate3D instead of translateX for slide transition. Fix for iOS 6.