jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Changelog

link Button

  • Added padding for icon-only buttons in controlgroup (#1998, 6b95f46)

  • Adjusted CSS selector for fullsize button in toolbar (#4619, bd5b4a7)

    • The search input clear button now gets the correct padding when placed in a header or footer.
  • Make button elements default to mini in header and footer different font size in footer (#3998, a618f80)

    • All buttons, regardless of markup, are now mini by default in toolbars. This was an implicit behavior in 1.0, but now we automatically make buttons the mini size unless explicitly set to full size when in toolbars to make this work as expected.
  • Override default margin if controlgroups or form elements have class ui-btn-left/right (#4713, 82cf4d9)

link CSS

  • Adjusting comment to be simple apostrophe rather than special character (829208f)

    • Remove an unusual character in CSS comment that was causing compilation problems. - Thanks @ecaron!
  • Outline style 'auto' for browsers that don't support box-shadow so it is the same as outline on regular links (9efddc8)

  • Remove a typo in jquery.mobile.theme CSS Issue (#4910, 2732b47)

    • Corrected a typo in button hover CSS. - Thanks Mitch64!
  • Set webkit-text-size-adjust to 100% instead of "none" (#4218, 8c3c969)

    • Fixes a desktop webkit browser bug that prevents text zoom.

link CheckboxRadio

  • Filter for first label. Fixes label conflict issue (#3879, aca3959)
    • Fixes the double label issue which was raised if checkboxes or radios had associated more than one label.

link Checkboxradio

  • Remove explicit left and right margin 0 to allow margins when used in grid (bbda53f)
    • CSS improvement for checkboxes and radios to look more graceful when placed in grids.

link Collapsible

  • Add support for same expanded/collapsed non default icon (#4801, 8550fae)

    • Collapsibles now can have the same non-default icon for collapsed/expanded state.
  • Added inset option for Collapsible / Collapsible sets. Adjusted CSS for inset collapsible (removed -8px margin) and added CSS for non-inset collapsibles. data-inset option for Collapsible / Collapsible sets" (#3976, 5428e2a)

    • Collapsibles and Collapsible-Sets now have a new inset option to remove all margins and give them a non-inset listview look.
  • Added rule that prevents double borders in a serie of individual collapsibles (d55edda)

    • To avoid double borders (top and bottom) in a serie of standalone collapsibles a CSS rule was added that can be easily overwritten if collapsibles with different swatches are used.
  • Custom collapsible icons (3713010)

  • Adds the ability to change the icon used for collapsible headers through data-* attributes and prototype options. Content of pages with fixed persistent toolbars higher than standard, now gets the right alignment. Thanks jakeboone02
  • Made non-inset listviews exactly fit inside ui-collapsible-content. (0f67d3e)

  • Make sure the collapsibles inherit a theme if nothing is set (b50ea79)

    • Collapsibles now show the right hover/button-up/button-down styling.

link CollapsibleSet

  • Make sure only one collapsible in a set is expanded at the same time. (1a68e9a)
    • Improved collapsible set functionality.

link Controlgroup

  • Float none for select and checkboxradio ui-btn because their container div already has float left (aaf218a)

  • Keep the possibility to center the controls with vertical-align property (#4765, 9403cf0)

  • Make icon-only buttons default to mini in toolbars (9670033)

    • Toolbar buttons without text (data-iconpos="notext") now get the mini style by default.
  • Prevent small bottom margin that some browsers add because of display inline-block (3e8116a)

    • Horizontal controlgroups now getting centered vertical alignment to prevent a small margin, that some browsers add to buttons.
  • Prevent the controls inside controlgroups from being wrapped multiple times (#4716, 352d4b3)

link Core

  • Enabled box shadow support for BlackBerry OS 6+ (#4828, e740c15)

    • Fixed a text input issue on Blackberry 6 browsers where the input became black when it got focus.
  • Introduce $.mobile.supportsTouch as a supported API and resuscitated $.support.touch though it is still unsupported (fbeeb5b)

  • Moves fixed positioning blacklist to jquery.mobile.support.js (34c091e)

    • Made the frameworks browser detection for fixed positioning support a central component.
  • Moving to jQuery 1.8 as the default version (2ab215b)

    • jQuery 1.8 (1.8.1) ist now the default version for jQuery Mobile 1.2.x
  • Reference widget factory version (#2838, 50029ac)

    • jQuery UI's widget file includes its actual version now.
  • When the hash portion of the initial URL is exactly equal to the dialog hash key, we must trigger a hashchange (#5021, 6ef910d)

link Download Manager

  • CSS metadata were pointing at jquery.mobile.transitions (b6fa00a)

    • Fix for the jQuery Mobile download manager.
  • Fixed CSS path had an extra dotdot (66b319c)

    • Path fix for the jQuery Mobile download manager.

link Form

  • Full width forms" (#3301, cb16e2f)
    • The width of fieldcontainers has been changed from 60% to 78% so the form will be full width now.

link Framework, general

link Grid

  • Grid CSS refactoring (#4835, 85e2030)
    • Grids with more than two columns and multiple rows now get the correct CSS. Thanks diamondq!

link Listview

  • Add extra listview autodivider check (#4901, a77c00a)

    • If a listview was nested inside a normal list then the listviewcreate event for autodividers would also fire for the parent list causing an error as this list did not contain listview data. An extra check was added to ensure the parent list is actually a listview. Thanks marcins!
  • Added a 'listviewbeforefilter' event (#4721, 9ea70df)

    • Listview filter function improvement.
  • Added filter input as a data attribute of the event (6f9e2bb)

  • Added missing webkit prefix for border-radius on Android 2.1 and iOS 3.2. (651e546)

  • Always filter the full list of items (#4133, 35775c5)

    • Custom filter methods for listviews now always filter all list items.
  • Improved border styling of listview inside collapsible content (3745f40)

    • Improved CSS for listviews and listview filter items inside collapsible content.
  • Increase the level of specificity of the margin 0 rule for listview buttons to avoid margins when used in grid (#4945, 229d8f0)

    • CSS improvement for listviews to be more solid when placed in grids.
  • Listview autodividers: Fix for text links in list items (76fa164)

  • Autodividers now work as expected if list items contain links.
  • Merge branch 'townxelliot-autodividers' (3f4343d)

  • New styling for read-only lists (#4347, 571c08e)

    • Adding theming support and new styling for read only lists.
  • Added clearfix for navbar (#5008, #5032, 446fed7)

    • CSS improvement to avoid styling issues when Navbars placed in listviews.
  • Capture and retrigger clicks on the parent list item element in navbars (#4663, b668b60)

    • Fix for an issue on chrome/android where buttons in navbars are functionless after scroll.
  • Move active state regain code out of _create() and into its own prototype-level function and use ._on() to invoke it during "pagebeforeshow" (c0a016e)

  • Persistent navbar broken on scroll, Chrome for Android. (#4663, 7f312da)

    • Persistent navbars now work as expected. Thanks mmavko!
  • Set margin to 0 to avoid the top/bottom margin of .ui-mini being applied (2354079)

  • Abstract backward movement in history (#4950, bd94e54)

    • "window.history.back" doesn't work in phonegap applications after a page refresh, though it does work under hashchange/replacestate. The solution is to use their "navigator.app.backHistory" method along with a configuration option. The reasoning for the option is to prevent any corner cases popping up with existing phonegap applications. Forward history movement for the same usecase is not addressed but remains an even lower priority.
  • Avoid string concat where possible (d0bb999)

    • Code refining.
  • Handle the case where the initial URL contains a non-path hash that points to a non-existing page (207f854)

  • Handle URLs with parentheses properly (#4849, cb15dc3)

    • The regular expression used to parse the jqmData psuedo selector restricts the use of parentheses which are valid in urls. This breaks data-ns-url selection. The fix is to avoid the pseudo selector.
  • Make sure the username and password in the url are encoded (#4787, 75ba273)

  • Overwrite stale dialog urlHistory entry instead of reusing it as-is (#8243, 38ae834)

    • Fix for chaining popup opens a dialog, dialog opens a popup.
  • Replace location.href references with a centralized method so we can address a XSS/cross-site-scripting issue (#4787, 4348eac)

  • Strip authority to avoid exploits in parse regex (#4787, 352f196)

    • As explained by @mala in Issue (#4787), most browsers simply strip the authority from location.href anyway. We can simply mimick this more secure behavior for the browsers that don't thereby avoiding the decoding XSS.
  • When showing a dialog, do not append dialogHashKey if the URL already contains it (#2656, 7966179)

link Page

  • Header buttons: Added "button" to the selector (#4638, 7cf44d4)
    • Manual added header buttons now placed in the same line as the title.

link Phonegap

  • Added a note to the docs about using underscores within foldernames in PhoneGap for Android (#4991, 56ed53b)
  • Add afteropen trigger to setTimeout with android fix (0b87a42)

    • The select menu's (now that they depend on popups) require that the first item is focused after they are open. The focus of the popup itself was deferred until after the trigger of afteropen which the select menu uses to focus its first item. As a result the focus was stolen from the select menu by the popup to the popup container.
  • Add hashListeningEnabled to the intersection that establishes whether we will use history or not (8cdc715)

  • Adding header/content/footer border support for popups (#5000, e87386d))

    • Adds corner support for header/content/footer container inside popups having data-corners attribute set to true
  • Bind vclick handler to the document on Android (5572b5e)

    • To implement click-on-screen-to-dismiss-popup one must bind the "vclick" handler to the document rather than the screen, in order to prevent unpleasantness on Android 4.0. WP7 nevertheless requires the code to remain as is, because handling the screen vclick after it has bubbled to the document causes text and inputs underneath the screen to handle and then swallow the event.
  • Disable popup history managment in old IE by default (#4784, 46a65c6)

    • Cause of a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) scroll position caching issue, the new popup history option is disbaled by default for old IE browsers.
  • Do not allow the event to bubble up to the document, after all (58f837f)

    • Refactoring the popup close process to stop bubbling up to the document.
  • Do not fiddle with the focus when rapid-opening/closing during reposition Input text. (#4797, 5680ba6)

    • Fix for a native keyboard issue preventing data-input in forms in popups when popup-reposition occurs.
  • Do not forget about the no-history-manipulation case when calling _open() (a1356c1)

    • Popups open method improvement when no-history feature is used.
  • Do not use history when there is no AJAX (#5006, 4ed1fc7)

    • Fix for non working popups on BlackBerry 5.
  • Eliminate the need for a popup IE6/7-specific workaround class, as well as additional scripting (82e6fe7)

    • Popup background fix for IE6/7.
  • Enable close button when history is disabled (d2361b5)

    • Make the popup close button work even if the new popup history option is disabled.
  • Exclude internal attributes from dom element (#4967, e979160)

    • Fixed markup issue when popup is opened.
  • First pass at disabling history with an option in popup (5af122f)

    • Added a popup option for disabling URL history management. This new option sets whether to alter the URL when a popup is open to support the browsers back button. URL history management is enabled by default.
  • First pass at popup simplification (7a14e15)

    • Refactoring popup code for simplification.
  • Fixed the order of the tolerance parameters (#4856, 2464e88)

    • The values for the popup tolerance option to set the distance between the popup and the window, now were interpreted as the documention says: top, right, bottom, left.
  • Focus parent link on close when opened by a parent link (72413a0)

    • Popup calling links now get focus back when popup closed.
  • Hide fixed toolbars on Android ICS native browser when popups are opened (#4816, #4874, #4844, 17eb661)

    • When fixed toolbars were used on a page, the use of any position:fixed elements cause havoc with rendering of stacked elements in Android. In these situations, the popup would visually appear under the overlay but was still clickable so this was a display bug. This issues were addressed by adding conditional logic that will toggle the toolbars from position:fixed to position:absolute when the popup is opened and closed. The drawback to this fix is fixed toolbars appear to hide when a popup is open, but this workaround is only applied to Android 4.0 and will only been seen if there are fixed toolbars and popups with an overlay theme.
  • Make sure the popup is closed on destroy (including cleanup) (5181ea5)

    • Popup code refactoring
  • On WP7, you get "" for an empty background, not undefined, like in IE8 (5463fc8)

    • Fix for a WP7 popup issue.
  • Perform the visual open only when the nav hook has been acquired (#4949, 3b40d03)

    • Fixed an iOS popup / custom select positioning issue.
  • Prevent positioning context bug for close buttons within popups in Opera Mini (e8ef2b0)

  • Properly handle popups in dialogs, make sure dialog closes on page changes (242cf05)

    • Refactoring popup chaining from dialogs to keep proper page navigation and URL history.
  • Remove default fade animation from popup overlays. (#4915, d9803a2)

    • The CSS-based fade in/out transition on the themed overlay causes similar visual stacking bugs as fixed toolbars in Chrome. This was addressed by removing the fade behavior on the overlay. Testing revealed that not animating the opacity of the overlay made the popup display significantly faster so this change is now applied across the board. The overlay now pops into place without a transition.
  • Remove link focus, unwind stack before applying focus and tabindex (8416315)

    • To prevent popup transition issues on Android 4.0 devices, the order of applying focus and tabindex was changed when popups are opened.
  • Remove styles related to popup overlay fade (7a14aad)

    • Tidied up popup CSS after removing overlay-transitions.
  • Resolve the popup screen deferred immediately (015377f)

    • Popup refactoring.
  • Restrict the application of the exclusions to the recording of the new option value in the data-* attributes. Do still chain up to mobile.widget with every option. (7ea42af)

    • Popup widget improvement.
  • Reuse dialog hash if already present and tack on another if it is part of the initial hash (#4994, 8b52631)

    • Popup refactoring to support browser refresh when a popup is open.
  • The popup screen leaves a 1px gap at the bottom of the screen to avert Android 4.0 hangage (7bdf276)

    • Popups now get a 1 Pixel bottom gap due to an display issue on Android 4.0.
  • Unhook hash listeners from popup when aborting (c029054)

  • Use $.inArray, because IE does not seem to have .indexOf() on arrays (b0e6839)

  • Use just the hash as a selector in IE7/WP 7.0 (#4917, cfdc782)

    • Fixed an IE7/Windows Phone 7.0 popup open issue caused by the handling of hashes and absolute hrefs in that browsers.
  • Use new ._on() binding method to attach handlers such that they are removed upon _destroy() (c21100a)

  • Use ui-overlay-* for overlay theme (b976895)

    • Popups overlay now use the ui-overlay class
  • Use widget factory to trigger events (e4b0aca)

  • Using "position: fixed" blacklist to fix popup overlays in browsers that know what they are doing with "position: fixed" to avoid monstrous overlays on long pages in some cases. (5959db0)

link Select

  • Add ui-btn-down- to initially focused menu item to make tab selection consistent (73631d3)

  • Event timing difference in iOS 6 was causing zoom to be disabled and immediately re-enabled prior to the zoom taking place (#5041, 20b3e9d)

    • Fix for iOS 6 which reintroduces a select input page-zoom issue.

link Slider

  • Bind to sliders vmouseup for refresh (#4756, 34ae4fa)

    • Browsers like Chrome provide an up and down arrow for range/number inputs but they don't fire the change event until the control is blurred. We now bind to the mouseup event and check if the value has been altered. If it has, we refresh now the slider position to reflect the value change.
  • Correct slider to use _on, and guard the unbinding test (f64ae53)

  • Increase level of specificity to avoid conflicts when sliders used in a grid (#4944, 1b21831)

    • CSS improvement for sliders to be more solid when placed in grids.
  • Merge branch 'memory-leaks' (39f500a)

    • Slider widget functional and memory improvements
  • Move _preventDocumentDrag function into the widget prototype and attach it with ._on() to ensure removal upon destroy() (8275474)

  • Move _sliderMouseUp function into the widget prototype and attach it with ._on() to ensure removal upon destroy() (3593a88)

  • Partly fixes an issue on Safari/Mac where the input width is decreased when the browser implements the spinner (8aae702)

  • Stop the call structure for slider updates earlier on disabled inputs (#3058, #4770, e0a27f8)

    • Improved behavior for disabled sliders.
  • Support slidestart and slidestop events (#1589, 98dfce2)

    • Sliders now support slidestart and slidestop events

link Textinput

  • Move _keyup function into the widget prototype and attach it with ._on() to ensure removal upon destroy() (3422003)

  • Unbind document handlers to prevent memory leaks on textinput (3a23ee1)

link Toolbar

  • A negative indent of -99999em can cause native Android 4.x to freak out, since its so absurdly high. Switched to -9999px. (32b1b45)

  • Added class ui-popup to tapToggleBlacklist (89b138e)

    • The tap toggle feature for fixed toolbars now is disabled when popups are open.
  • Fix for fixed persistent toolbar padding issues (#4176, #4219, 0992512)

    • Content of pages with fixed persistent toolbars higher than standard, now gets the right alignment. Thanks MauriceG!
  • Prevent 0 from being appended to the document when using a persistent footer with jQuery 1.8.x (#4887, 5a6b2c3)

link Widget Factory

  • Upgrade widget factory to 1.9 beta version (#4629, 225be4a)