Download Builder We recommend using our tool to build a custom bundle that contains only the components you need. The builder generates a custom JavaScript file, as well as full and structure-only stylesheets for production use. Download Builder Latest stable version 1.4.5 ZIP file If you want to host the files yourself you can download … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.5 Upgrade Guide

Overview API Redesigns Preparing for jQuery Mobile 1.5 General changes Core Removed .focus( delay ) Removed .zIndex() Added .labels() Tabs Deprecated ui-tab class, replaced with ui-tabs-tab Widget Ability to customize style-related CSS classes Boolean style options Theme Icons Enhancer Degrade Inputs Keep Native Button General Markup Corners Shadow Mini Icon Position Inline Icon link OverviewThis … Continue reading


In this section, we have gathered useful resources that will help you learn more about jQuery Mobile, find tools to develop jQuery Mobile application designs and mockups, tutorials and tools to guide your through the development of simple or more complex applications and related articles. Featured sites | Books | Apps & Frameworks | Plugins … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4 Upgrade Guide

Introduction Supported platforms Theming Default theme Light Dark Custom theme Gradients New styles Page style Active and focus style for each swatch Override with custom CSS Option theme Buttons Icons Pseudo elements Alt and nodisc icons Icon shadow Navigation Widgets Initialization Standalone widgets initSelector enhanceWithin Using defaults Added enhanced option Page and Dialog Deprecated Dialog … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 Changelog

link Button .buttonMarkup() doesn't work correctly while binding with the button itself (#3637, b5db639) Track addition/removal of up/down/hover classes to reconstruct button state during re-enhancement Button inner elements corner styling inheritance (2721133) Changing button's data-theme programatically (#4317, 2e21c6b) – Implement _setOption() Do not assume that a button's className will contain only classes assigned by buttonMarkup() … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.5.0-alpha1 Changelog

link General Removed prefix from filenames (#6465, 18f872d) Updated boilerplate and UMD wrapper on all files (#7973, 62a1e78) link Core Removed UI core and references to it (#8490, 5a84fb0) Removed links.js and nojs.js files (#8491, 4b3adc7#8194, 5d64d59) Removed fieldcontain.js from index.php it no longer exists (8d589a2) Fixed silentScroll to be called only once (#8200, … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 Changelog

link Core JS Fixed resetActivePageHeight() to ignore any external fixed toolbar widget with option updatePagePadding set to true. ( #7739, 794c0ec) link Demos Fixed css refrences in classic theme demo. (#7771, 2f7a0bc) Fixed backbone demo to use pre-enhanced markup. (#7719, 7a633c2) Fixed external references to use (#7767, a43f89c) link Navigation Fixed hash processing demo … Continue reading

Donate Devices

Our philosophy is to target the widest possible range of devices, so that no browser or device is left behind. To pursue this, we constantly need new devices on which to test our framework to ensure that all users receive the best jQuery Mobile experience. Your can help: donate to our test lab The jQuery … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4.2 Changelog

link Build Added commitplease for commit msg checking (d43d310) Added option "es3" to jshint (#7172, f6bf0d7) link Core JS Change default to durationDefault and fixed duration reading to safeguard against NAN values and fix camelcase of duration name (#7114, #7116, 5bbb46a) Fixed resetActivePageHeight to account for external toolbars (#7134, 6dcea68) link Demos Fixed source and … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4.1 Changelog

link Core JS AnimationComplete: Added transition, fallbacks and removed memory leaks. AnimationComplete is also now its own module including support tests for animations and transitions (#5156, #6816, #6697, #6895, #6148, 749c78e) Removed "use strict" (#13335, 362e3fc) Fixed Swipe event to trigger only one event per mouse sequence and let it bubble. The element to which … Continue reading