jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 Changelog

link Button .buttonMarkup() doesn't work correctly while binding with the button itself (#3637, b5db639) Track addition/removal of up/down/hover classes to reconstruct button state during re-enhancement Button inner elements corner styling inheritance (2721133) Changing button's data-theme programatically (#4317, 2e21c6b) – Implement _setOption() Do not assume that a button's className will contain only classes assigned by buttonMarkup() … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.1.2 Changelog

link Button 1.1 RC2 & 1.1 stable: Select buttons are not full or 60% width in header ui-bar. (#3983, 3bc0656) Changed display inline-block rule to only be applied to buttons that are direct children of the header/footer. Addresses issue #4540; an alternate approach to af46c6c40725f15b6d3502449df357815b39940d (dcb2f22) Input submit lacks 100% width when placed in fieldcontain … Continue reading


In this section, we have gathered useful resources that will help you learn more about jQuery Mobile, find tools to develop jQuery Mobile application designs and mockups, tutorials and tools to guide your through the development of simple or more complex applications and related articles. Featured sites | Books | Apps & Frameworks | Plugins … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Changelog

link Button Added padding for icon-only buttons in controlgroup (#1998, 6b95f46) Adjusted CSS selector for fullsize button in toolbar (#4619, bd5b4a7) The search input clear button now gets the correct padding when placed in a header or footer. Make button elements default to mini in header and footer different font size in footer (#3998, a618f80) … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 Changelog

link Accessibility Improvements to and consistency in accessible hiding content. (bf9c2d3) Stoped moving hidden elements off screen when we set height, width and clip. (963151c) link Autoinit Added enhanceWithin function to helpers (0e61e08) Added wrapper to $.widget to inject default initSelector to widgets Added ability for any widget included in a jquery mobile site will … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.2.1 Changelog

link Blur Iphone : Go button does not close the keyboard with Data filter(#3303, fef41bb) Blur the search field on submit – (cherry picked from commit 336db34e031b0815c807554796519cd34d28c153) link Button IE9 , if custom SELECT button is on the right border of the window, it expand the select menu over the whole window width. (#4577, e282bfc) … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4 Upgrade Guide

Introduction Supported platforms Theming Default theme Light Dark Custom theme Gradients New styles Page style Active and focus style for each swatch Override with custom CSS Option theme Buttons Icons Pseudo elements Alt and nodisc icons Icon shadow Navigation Widgets Initialization Standalone widgets initSelector enhanceWithin Using defaults Added enhanced option Page and Dialog Deprecated Dialog … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4.2 Changelog

link Build Added commitplease for commit msg checking (d43d310) Added option "es3" to jshint (#7172, f6bf0d7) link Core JS Change default to durationDefault and fixed duration reading to safeguard against NAN values and fix camelcase of duration name (#7114, #7116, 5bbb46a) Fixed resetActivePageHeight to account for external toolbars (#7134, 6dcea68) link Demos Fixed source and … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.4.1 Changelog

link Core JS AnimationComplete: Added transition, fallbacks and removed memory leaks. AnimationComplete is also now its own module including support tests for animations and transitions (#5156, #6816, #6697, #6895, #6148, 749c78e) Removed "use strict" (#13335, 362e3fc) Fixed Swipe event to trigger only one event per mouse sequence and let it bubble. The element to which … Continue reading

jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 Changelog

link Button Removed duplicated code in butonMarkup. Title is set twice for element when iconpos option is set. Thanks stforek! (d978490) buttonMarkup: Do not allow a value of null to end up the value of an attribute, because it gets stringified as "null" (3cf5d18) Removed border-radius inherit for ui-btn-text. (#5709, a25fef9) added rule to listview … Continue reading